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Zoned Compression Short USP 45 White

Zoned Compression Short - Ultimate Sport Performance - 45

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colour: White



Knap'man® Zoned Compression Short 45%
Knap'man® Compression shorts has been designed with input from physical therapists and physical activity experts from top-level sports. Knap’man® offers comfortable compression clothing that supports the body in the most important places. The patented compression zones follows the anatomy of the body and muscles.
The Knap'man® Zoned Compression Short provides 45% super strong compression, but with optimum freedom of movement.

45% compression shorts compared with 25% shorts
The Knap'man® Zoned Compression Short with 45% compression has even more advantages:

  • Ideal when recovering from upper leg injuries (groin, hamstrings and quadriceps)
  • Provide even better protection against upper leg injuries
  • Meant for exercise enthusiasts and athletes who wish to have maximum compression to improve their performance

Compression shorts in sportFor Ultimate Sport Performance:

  • Treatment and prevention of upper leg injuries
  • Especially for treatment and prevention of groin injuries and hamstring injuries.
  • Improved balance
  • More strenght, more and longer endurance and optimum freedom of movement
  • Maximum support for (lower)back and hips
  • Most quickly recovering after exercise

Knap’man® introduces MaxClima™ fabric:

  • Extra-high comfort, thanks to SoftFeel materials
  • Exceptional breathability, thanks to CoolTouch materials
  • Moisture regulating
  • Seamless fabric

MaxClima™ features built-in silver ions
This provides permanent odour resistance and antibacterial protection. © 2024    |   General terms and conditions    |   Disclaimer    |   Privacy statement    |   +31 (0)228-593359    |   E-mail